Friday, May 14, 2021
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Inner Force

altWe bring to your notice the InnerForce seal – a versatile device, which allows safe protection from the unauthorized access to cargo vehicles (vans, refrigerator trucks, railway containers, tanks with oil products, grain carriers, shipping containers) warehouses, storage facilities, etc.






  • Falls into the category of heavy-duty ones.
  • Does not demand the use of sealing machine.
  • Flexible galvanized cable with the diameter of 2.25 mm stands the breaking load of not less than 3800 N.
  • The name points to the design features – metal-reinforced case, covered with plastic.
  • Environmentally sound.
  • By sealing of tanks with fuels and lubricants with the help of “InnerForce” device, owing to the plastic layer which covers the case of the seal, the possibility of spark producing is eliminated.
  • The case of the seal is non-combustible, in accordance with GOST 282550 89 p. 1.9.2 and is covered with polystyrene of one of 5 colors.
  • The impact-resistant polystyrene is non-toxic, non-explosive; flame temperature is 343 C, temperature of spontaneous combustion – 486 C.
  • Heating up to these temperatures is possible only in laboratory conditions.
  • Owing to plastic coating, the attempts to change or destroy the marking on the case of seal leave visible marks.
  • The use of double, independent from one another locking mechanism excludes the possibility of reverse motion of cable after the final mounting of the seal.
  • During the production, the name of manufacturing company “Olimp”, name of the seal and arrows showing the direction of movement of the cable are marked on the case.
  • Special design (in appearance the seal is similar to a locomotive) points to one of the main application fields – railway vehicles.
  • Unlike the seals of “Bolt” type, compared regarding to the breaking load, it can be used when sealing the locks with offset hole.
  • Logos can be marked in different colors.
  • Opening without visible marks is excluded – 100% guarantee.
  • There is the possibility of mounting of RFID chip.


  • Flexible galvanized cable with the diameter of 2.25 mm.
  • In standard execution the length of cable constitutes 400 mm.
  • By the special order the length can be extended.


Seals are packed in plastic bags, 20 items in each, then in cardboard boxes, 200 seals in each. With the length of the cable constituting 450 mm, the weight of one box with seals is 5.990 kg.

Marking of inscriptions:

  • In standard execution it is possible to mark inscriptions on the front side of the seal in the form of a seven-digit number and two rows of letters, and also to mark a logo or a trademark of customer company on the space of 14 mm X 27 mm.
  • It is possible to double the number of the seal on the backside at customer’s request.

Mounting rules:

  • Take the cable, move it to the left and put through the hole in the hasps that are being sealed.
  • Thread the cable into the hole situated in the center of the upper part of the seal; pull the cable down along the arrow hrough the hole.
  • Take the loose end of the cable which came out from the below of the seal, pull it up to the stop, minimizing to the utmost the loop around the hasps which are going to be sealed.
  • Next take the loose end of the cable and pull it up through the lower hole along the arrow, so that the loop from below completely enters the slot.
  • The mounting of the seal is completed.



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